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Some flowers are more recognisable in the night time.  When you walk down in a small path after the sun set you suddenly noticed that there is something there. You look around and find some blossoms in a bush. It may be due to the sweet odour that brought by the breeze. It may be due to the fact that we use sense of vision more in the daytime and rely on other senses in the night time. These flowers are blessed with its charms, a little bit quiet indeed, but it is certainly makes you smile. It is only recognisable when our level of imagination grows in the dark.
 I would hope that my work is like those flowers. The contortion of the forms and impurity of the materials create the ambiguous expression on my work. I like its impurity, I like its looseness, “slightly off” nature of ceramics.    
The concepts are not obvious but I would hope that people see and enjoy my work with their imagination.


If something (a substance or a drop of water or whatever) is left in outer space where there is no stimulus, it will form a sphere, because sphere is the most complete balanced form. I remember a long time ago one physicist wrote this in his article. If so, nothing can exist in this perfect form in our surrounding environment. Except a very moment of ‘nothingness’, or in a perfectly conditioned environment of ‘nothingness’, everything is co- existence.
To me a balanced form is something imperfect.  Of course not all the imperfect forms are balanced. If the form has no trace or imprint of its surrounding events or it is forced to form on its own, it become off-balanced.
Wet and/or unfired clay is an undetermined condition. It absorbs all the information from its surrounding environment. It absorbed all the information such as heat, motions and even my emotions. What I am trying to look at in my work is this balance. 

In addition, the scientist said “there is no straight line in our natural world.”

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The Moon of 16th Night

 The moon on the 16th night from the new moon is called “Izayoi no Tsuki” in old Japanese.  Izayoi literary mean “hesitation”. What can you imagine from “the hesitating moon”?

It is night after the full moon, it is not perfect (the moon is not a perfect circle, anyway.), but there is something nice about the 16th moon. It is a very subtle feeling.

What I would like to project on my domestic ware is this very subtle feeling, the feeling touches you, but you can not say clearly what it is.